Established in 2023

The Drip Lounge

IV Nutrient Therapy

We can make your life better with IV Nutrient Therapy, setting milestones in sports and culture.

If you have not considered Intravenous Vitamin Administration, it is time to think again! You may be hearing a lot about the benefits of Intravenous Vitamin Administration. Intravenous Vitamin Administration is being relied upon by professional athletes and CEOs, to multi-tasking parents and front-line professionals.

Here you will discover a welcoming environment serving individuals seeking to support their overall health and improve their well-being. Intravenous Vitamin Administration gives you the opportunity to improve vitamin deficiencies and assist in your heathy recovery from over work, strenuous exercise and the stress of daily life. Play hard, let us help you recover faster!

IV Therapy Lounge Newburgh New York

The Drip Lounge was established in 2023. It is our core mission to improve health, wellness, and well-being through IV hydration, nutrient and vitamin therapies. We   are committed to creating experiences that take you down the path to a healthier tomorrow. By prioritizing your personal needs and leveraging our expertise we curate custom solutions that align with your health goals.

Infusion Therapy

IV therapy

There are many benefits to IV hydration, vitamin and nutrient therapies.


Anti-aging effects, improved cognitive function

IV parties and events

Whatever the occasion is, our nurses are ready to keep you and your guests hydrated

Peptide therapy

Peptides are proteins that can be self-injected to replenish peptide levels that naturally decline with age.

Injection Bar

Improve your body’s natural healing, boost immune response, and promote your   energy level and overall well-being

Concierge Services

With our concierge services we come to you, no need to come to the office.

IV Therapy Spa Newburgh New York

Benefits of IV therapy

There are many benefits to IV hydration, vitamin and nutrient therapies. They can help    with chronic conditions, acute conditions, and improve overall well being. Often used to  help cure hangovers, combat aging and enhancing beauty, boosting the immune system, increases physical performance pre/post, and promotes weight loss. You will feel immediate benefits of our treatments, which is what makes IV therapy and injections a great addition to the healthcare field.